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The Green Rush podcast is about the business of Cannabis. Each week, we will be talking to newsmakers on the front lines who are building the legal cannabis market. From lawmakers and investment bankers, to CEOs and investors, and maybe even a celebrity or two, Lewis Goldberg and Anne Donohoe will take a look at how people are transforming cannabis from the shadows of the black market into a thriving U.S. industry.

New episodes every Thursday!

Latest Episode

Yaron Conforti, CEO of Novamind
No new episode of the Green Rush this week, instead we’re replaying an old favorite, our conversation with Yaron Conforti, CEO and Director of Novamind Ventures,…
Chad Bronstein, CEO and Founder of Fyllo
Chad Bronstein, CEO and Founder of Fyllo (pronounced Fee-Low), a technology company delivering data, media, and regulatory solutions to the cannabis industry. Under Chad’s leadership,…
Sturges Karban, CEO of ManifestSeven
Sturges Karban, CEO of ManifestSeven, California’s first and leading omni-channel cannabis distribution company, supporting the legal movement of products across the state and beyond, is…


Anne Donohoe & Nick Opich

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