Marijuana Today

First published in 2014 and produced by Shea Gunther, Marijuana Today is an hour-long weekly podcast about the business and politics of marijuana featuring some of the best and brightest minds in the world of cannabis business and activism.

Publishes weekly on Mondays

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Eight weathered and slightly battered metal mailboxes are see at box-height looking down their faces. The focus is narrow and falls upon the second mailbox from the front- a silver model with its stickered numbers starting to peel up. The boxes sit in the shade under trees that from the background.
Episode 421
The Push for Interstate Cannabis
Hannah King joins host Heather Sullivan to talk about a newly introduced proposed federal bill to allow interstate cannabis commerce, a change in Maine's laws…
The outfield fence at Fenway Park is seen close-up with its all green panel walls painted with a large white '420' to mark the distance of that point from home plate in feet. The slanted sun is casting a shadow of the fence on the wall and across the numbers.
Episode 420
Holy Moly! Episode 420!
Hosts Kris Krane, Heather Sullivan, Ben Larson, and Shea Gunther (filling in for Brian Adams) talk about the past eight years of podcasting and the…
A cluster of three trimmed marijuana buds sits atop a black plastic top set against a peach-colored background.
Episode 419
How Safe is the SAFE Banking Act?
Guests Heather Sullivan and Matt Walter speak with host Brian Adams about a new white paper examining the impacts of the SAFE Banking Act as…
The sun sits on the horizon of a scene at the beach in what appears to be a bay- the sun is above a line of water but is flanked on both sides by low mountains reaching down into the water. It's hard to tell if the sun is setting or rising. The smallest bit of plant on the left of the frame hints at larger dunes off frame.
Episode 418
Look West! Then Look East!
Guests Kieran Ringgenberg and Andrea Brooks speak with host Ben Larson about the unique challenges facing legal marijuana operators in California as well as the…


Kris Krane, Heather Sullivan, Ben Larson, & Brian Adams

We cover legal marijuana like no one else around.

First published in 2014, just as Washington State became the first in the nation to legalize adult use marijuana, Marijuana Today features some of the best and brightest people in legal marijuana diving into the  most important issues of the day. Tune in each Monday!

Four headshots are seen stacked up on one another- Kris Krane, Heather Sullivan, Ben Larson, and Brian Adams.