Marijuana Today

First published in 2014 and produced by Shea Gunther, Marijuana Today is an hour-long weekly podcast about the business and politics of marijuana featuring some of the best and brightest minds in the world of cannabis business and activism.

Publishes weekly on Mondays

Latest Episode

Episode 362
The Mainstream March of Marijuana
Andrea Brooks and Natalie Fertig join host Heather Sullivan to talk about the recent moves towards more cannabis normalization by the NFL, Amazon, and Rolling…
Episode 359
No Marijuana for Mississippi
Dr. Jahan Marcu, Heather Sullivan, and Paul Rosen join host Ben Larson to talk about the rejection of medical marijuana legalization by the Mississippi Supreme…
Episode 358
The Closing of Our Daily Podcast
Heather Sullivan joins host Shea Gunther in this special cross-episode of Marijuana Today Daily, our daily news podcast, where they talk about how MJToday Media…
Episode 357
Canna Bumps? Canna No.
Dr. Jahan Marcu and Andrea Brooks join host Heather Sullivan to talk about the science of cannabis, the troubling development of the Canna Bumps brand,…

Shea Gunther

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