Marijuana Today

First published in 2014 and produced by Shea Gunther, Marijuana Today is an hour-long weekly podcast about the business and politics of marijuana featuring some of the best and brightest minds in the world of cannabis business and activism.

Publishes weekly on Mondays

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A grid of different-colored gummy bears and small marijuana buds fills the frame. There are nine gummies and four cannabis buds in the imprecise grid formation.
Episode 375
What Can New York and California Learn From Each Other?
Mike Liszewski and Jeremy Berke speak with host Ben Larson about the lessons New York and California can learn from one another as their respective…
A crane sits in tall green grass looking to the right of frame. The top of the bird's head is read while the rest of the body is a light tawny yellow- fading to more white just under the yellow-orange eyes.
Episode 374
The Green Rush Speaks with Kris Krane
We're running a special substitute show this week with a very cool Green Rush episode featuring a discussion with our very own Kris Krane. Produced…
A person's fingers- just barely seen- holds a marijuana bud up to the camera lens with an orange 'MedMen' package seen blurry behind. The cannabis is not very well trimmed up and its buds are mostly hidden by uncut leaves.
Episode 373
Cannabis Corporations vs. Consumers?
Heather Sullivan and first-time guest Matt Walter join first-time host Ben Larson to talk about the growing complexities involved with legal marijuana markets, corporations, and…
A generic looking desk in some generic looking office is seen. There is a folded up laptop on the table as well as a notepad and wireless keyboard and mouse with safety notices posted on the wall behind the flatscreen monitor.
Episode 372
The New Cannabis Workplace
Betty Aldworth and Heather Sullivan join first-time host Brian Adams to talk about the evolution of marijuana use by workers, the push to drive social…


Kris Krane, Heather Sullivan, & Ben Larson

We cover legal marijuana like no one else around.

First published in 2014, just as Washington State became the first in the nation to legalize adult use marijuana, Marijuana Today features some of the best and brightest people in legal marijuana diving into the  most important issues of the day. Tune in each Monday!