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Feb 2022
Episode 393

Amazon Wants MORE Legalization

Jeremy Berke and first-time guest Sirita Wright joins host Kris Krane to talk about Amazon’s endorsement of marijuana law reform, the ongoing push for social equity, and the latest good news out of Thailand for cannabis legalization. Produced by Shea Gunther.

The U.S. Capitol Building is seen in Washington DC set against a dark night ski. The Capitol dome is brightly lit and seen alongside a huge moon just off to the left.
Jan 2022
Episode 390

The Hosts Dive In

Hosts Kris Krane, Heather Sullivan, and Ben Larson join fellow host Brian Adams to talk about the lack of federal progress on legalization, how the ‘great resignation’ has touched the cannabis industry, and the end of the DEA monopoly on growing cannabis for legal research. Produced by Shea Gunther.

An ornate golden pocket watch face is seen closeup.The large circular face has four smaller circles inset in- showing the day of the week and the month, as well as the month of the year and the current lunar cycle.
Dec 2021
Episode 388

As Marijuana Today Closes Out 2021

Mike Liszewski and Andrea Brooks join host Heather Sullivan to talk about their thoughts about the largest state and national stories of 2021 and what they think we could see ahead in 2022. Produced by Shea Gunther.