Episode 42

Cannabis on the West Coast with James Anthony

Former Oakland Deputy City Attorney James Anthony is now a leading activist for marijuana and civil rights reform and speaks with host Jordan Wellington about the ongoing evolution of the California legal cannabis market. Produced by Shea Gunther.

Episode 154

Smarter Approaches to Marijuana Plays Dumb

Taylor West, Aaron Houston, and first time guest Scott Cecil of SSDP join host Kris Lotlikar to talk about the latest dumb move by Project SAM and the surprisingly good advice being given out by the Canadian government on how to best consume marijuana. Produced by Shea Gunther. If the audio player does not show…

Episode 129

Uncertain Times In Potland

Adam Smith and Aaron Houston join guest host Dan Goldman to talk about the latest developments in Trump world, the ongoing MJ Freeway service outage, and the jump by Colorado’s top pot regulator to the private sector. Produced by Shea Gunther. Published: January 16, 2017 Length: 1:02:01 If the audio player does not show up above,…

Episode 128

Ahead of the Sessions Storm

Adam Smith joins host Kris Lotlikar to talk about how the legal marijuana industry is and should be responding to the idea of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Produced by Shea Gunther. Published: January 9, 2017 Length: 27:43 If the audio player does not show up above, you can download episode 128 of Marijuana Today here. Sponsors: News…

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