The U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC is seen from a 45 degree angle farther off across a green lawn fringed by trees. The sky above the Capitol dome is blue and cloudless.
Jul 2022
Episode 412

Seventh Time’s the Charm

Guests Taylor West, Brian Adams, and Thomas Haren speak with host Ben Larson about the passage of the cannabis-provision-laden National Defense Authorization Act by the House and what the chances those provisions will survive in the Senate, as well as the general state of the economy. Produced by Shea Gunther.

An October sunset is seen as viewed from Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse in Rockland, Maine. The sky is a screaming explosion of bright yellows, somber pinks, and blueberry purples and is reflected by the still waters filling more of the frame than sky. There is a lone large boat to the left of frame and a pair of much smaller, farther-away boats to the right.
Jun 2022
Episode 410

A Short Summer Break

We’re on a short summer break! Marijuana Today will be back with fresh new episodes the week of July 8th. Enjoy the start of summer! Produced by Shea Gunther.

A screenshot from Google Earth showing the globe against a starry background with central Asia in the center of frame with Europe to the left and the Pacific Ocean to the right.
Apr 2022
Episode 405

The International Episode

First-time-guests Sysamone Phaphon, John Farrell, and Niklas Kouparanis join host Ben Larson to talk about what the world of legal cannabis looks like in the rest of the world. Produced by Shea Gunther.

A billboard sits against a clear blue sky and fronted by a utility pole and power lines. The white billboard has a blue Dockside Cannabis logo along with photos of people jumping off a dock and text reading "Marijuana for everyone 21+".
Feb 2022
Episode 395

An April Surprise for Legalization?

Andrew Livingston and Kieran Ringgenberg joins host Ben Larson to talk about the Tennessee Valley Authority backing down from early threats to block cannabis growers, the promise made by Senator Chuck Schumer to introduce legalization legislation in April, and the latest tax and regulatory trials and tribulations for legal cannabis in California. Produced by Shea…

A cluster of five fireworks bursts- two large red and three smaller yellow-orange below- fills a black night sky.
Jan 2022
Episode 389

Shea and Heather Kick It

Heather Sullivan joins producer Shea Gunther to talk about his pivot into building a glampground farm in Maine, how Marijuana Today the podcast is going, and why you should be /antiwork. Back with a regular show next week! Produced by Shea Gunther.

Jun 2021
Episode 62

A Tribute to Steve Fox

Betty Aldworth, Andrew Livingston, Jordan Wellington, and Mason Tvert join host Kris Krane to talk about the life and legacy of our friend and activist Steve Fox, who passed away at the age of 53 in April. Produced by Shea Gunther.