A single marijuana fan leaf is held up to the camera against a featureless white background. The leaf's seven green lobes sit mostly symmetrically on the stem. Credit: Elsa Olofsson/Flickr
Nov 2022
Episode 427

We’re Thankful for Blazed & Enthused

We took a little break to eat turkey and be thankful and are lucky to have an episode of Blazed & Enthused as a fill-in, featuring guest Bill Williams, Jr speaking with host Brian Adams. Produced by Heather Sullivan.

Two curious ducks approach the wide-angle lens taking the photo- the duck on the left is white with a yellow bill while its companion, standing farther back, is a light mottled tan with a dark beak. Credit: David Tomic/Flickr
Nov 2022
Episode 426

Lame Duck, SAFE Banking

First time guest attorney Steve Schain joins host Heather Sullivan for a recap of MJ Biz conference and a fresh look at SAFE banking and whether it will move forward during this lame duck session of Congress. Produced by Heather Sullivan.

Two people sit at desks- separated by on empty desk- in what appears to be a school or community center lobby. They are voting and have a white box with an American Flag in between them on the empty desk- each person sitting in front fo their own respective boxes. The woman on the left is wearing a dark blue coat and warm winter hat while the man on the right has a red hoodie sweatshirt, tan hat, and a cane next to him. Credit: Phil Roeder/Flickr
Nov 2022
Episode 425

A Hop into the 2022 Election Results

Brian Adams and Matthew Walter talk with host Ben Larson about the results of the 2022 mid-term elections, the progress at the federal level on cannabis reform, and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs latest deal buying into the industry. Produced by Heather Sullivan.

A lioness looks intently at the camera. Credit: Paul Lynch/Flickr
Nov 2022
Episode 424

The One Where Heather Takes Over

Host Heather Sullivan briefly talks about her new position as owner and operator of ‘Marijuana Today’. We’ll be back with a regular show next week as a new era begins. Produced by Heather Sullivan.

A young man wearing swim shorts dives off of a stone pier striking a super-hero pose as he does, with his right arm stretched out in front and his left bent at an angle to his back. There are a number of people, mostly children, sitting on the stones from which he jumps. You can't see the water he's landing in, but it appears to be a fairly substantial height.
Nov 2022
Episode 423

The One Where Shea Leaves The Show

Founding-producer Shea Gunther announces his departure from ‘Marijuana Today’ to become a farming glampground operator. Also featuring an episode of the ‘Green Rush’ where Kris Krane interviews Michael Reardon, founder and CEO of Happy Valley. Produced by Shea Gunther

Eight weathered and slightly battered metal mailboxes are see at box-height looking down their faces. The focus is narrow and falls upon the second mailbox from the front- a silver model with its stickered numbers starting to peel up. The boxes sit in the shade under trees that from the background.
Oct 2022
Episode 421

The Push for Interstate Cannabis

Hannah King joins host Heather Sullivan to talk about a newly introduced proposed federal bill to allow interstate cannabis commerce, a change in Maine’s laws regarding marijuana business owners, and developments for medical marijuana in Kentucky. Produced by Shea Gunther.