A staged shot shows a half-gram marijuana joint sitting in front of a single trimmed marijuana bud.
Nov 2021
Episode 384

The GOP’s Take on Legalization

Taylor West, Andrew Livingston, and Matt Walter join host Kris Krane to talk about a Republican lead effort in Congress to legalize marijuana and the prospects for legalization implementation in Virginia. Produced by Shea Gunther.

A close-up photo shows a woman snuggled up rightly with her cat. There is a red circular sticker with "I Voted!" printed in white three times on top of another- in English, Chinese, and Spanish.
Nov 2021
Episode 383

Diving Into The Details on the Election

Jahan Marcu and Jeremy Berke join host Ben Larson to talk about the recent election fall-out for marijuana, some of the ways scientists are researching drug consumption and how the federal government is using their studies, and the lag in New York in rolling out legal adult use marijuana. Produced by Shea Gunther.

A brightly-colored photo shows a lit-up Las Vegas gambling machine with various slot machines in the background.
Nov 2021
Episode 382

The Big Dogs In Town

Andrea Brooks and first-time guest Max Simon join host Ben Larson to talk about the recent MJBizCon in Las Vegas; new prospective legislation in Congress that would allow the city of Washington, DC to legalize marijuana; and plans by the FDA to learn about the effects of Delta-8 on Reddit. Produced by Shea Gunther.

A surreal black-and-white spiral clock twirls four or five times in toward the center of the frame with the numbers running from 1 to 12 getting smaller as they go in.
Oct 2021
Episode 381

A Dip Into Our Archives to 2014

We looked way back into our archives to pull out episode #2 of Marijuana Today- published in the summer of 2014 just as legal marijuana was starting to be A Thing, with Andrew Livingston and Taylor West joining Kris Lotlikar to talk about Colorado, banking, and how the Obama administration saw legal cannabis. Produced by…

The cutest little puppy in the entire history of dogdom looks at the camera directly. The border collie puppy is white and black in the face with the most adorable widdle nose you've ever seen.
Oct 2021
Episode 380

Shea and Carl Catch Up

In this departure-from-format episode, producer Shea Gunther talks with his buddy Carl Giannone from Trade Roots about life, the universe, politics, and cute puppies. Produced by Shea Gunther.

A man is seen squatting down while soulfully playing a saxophone on a city street. The photo is black and white.
Oct 2021
Episode 379

Sax that Dagger

Taylor West and Jahan Marcu join host Ben Larson to talk about hemp-derived Delta 9, friction between adult use and medical marijuana business, and the newly legal market for cannabis flower in New York. Produced by Shea Gunther. • Check out the Grawlix podcast, as recommended by Taylor.