Jan 2023
Episode 431

New Year, New Focus

Co-hosts Ben Larson and Heather Sullivan ring in 2023 with a renewed focus on state level cannabis legalization. Join us for a peek at the recent adult use statute language proposed in Minnesota, and a our thoughts on the launch of adult use sales in Connecticut and New York.

Interior shot of older prison with cells and fencing. Credit: Reading Tom/Flickr
Dec 2022
Episode 430

Closing out 2022 without SAFE

Host Brian Adams discusses marijuana pardons and expungement, SAFE Banking and holiday wish lists with guests Heather Sullivan and first-time guest, Khadijah Tribble, the Executive Director of the US Cannabis Council. Produced by Heather Sullivan.

An old and rusty safe sits in an outdoor concrete courtyard open to the sky. The safe's two doors are open with the left-most door fully out, showing an empty safe. The ground is fringed by narrow borders of overgrown grass. Photo: Paul Keller/Flickr
Dec 2022
Episode 429

SAFE Banking Gets Held Up

Kieran Ringgenberg and Matt Walter speak with founder Heather Sullivan about the progress seen by the SAFE Banking Act, what federal legalization could look like, and the latest developments in New York’s emerging market. Produced by Heather Sullivan.

The outfield fence at Fenway Park is seen close-up with its all green panel walls painted with a large white '420' to mark the distance of that point from home plate in feet. The slanted sun is casting a shadow of the fence on the wall and across the numbers.
Sep 2022
Episode 420

Holy Moly! Episode 420!

Hosts Kris Krane, Heather Sullivan, Ben Larson, and Shea Gunther (filling in for Brian Adams) talk about the past eight years of podcasting and the current state of the legal cannabis world while also looking ahead to the MJBiz Conference in Vegas. Produced by Shea Gunther.

A cluster of three trimmed marijuana buds sits atop a black plastic top set against a peach-colored background.
Sep 2022
Episode 419

How Safe is the SAFE Banking Act?

Guests Heather Sullivan and Matt Walter speak with host Brian Adams about a new white paper examining the impacts of the SAFE Banking Act as well as the advancement of medical marijuana legalization in Nebraska. Produced by Shea Gunther.