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Hosted by Jordan Wellington and Andrew Livingston, Weed Wonks explores the world of legal marijuana legislation, regulation, and lobbying.

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Episode 58
New Mexico’s Foray Into Legalization with Emily Kaltenbach
Emily Kaltenbach, Senior Director of Resident States and New Mexico at the Drug Policy Alliance, joins host Jordan Wellington to talk about the growth and…
Episode 57
Federal Marijuana Policy Reform with Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer
Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D) joins hosts Jordan Wellington and Andrew Livingston to talk about the ongoing push to reform federal cannabis policy, this week's…
Episode 56
The Nitty Gritty of Cannabis Finance with Charles Alovisetti
Charles Alovisetti joins hosts Jordan Wellington and Andrew Livingston to talk about the finer points of legal marijuana finance, equity, and investment. Produced by Shea…
Episode 55
The Evolution of Arizona’s Legal Marijuana Industry with Sam Richard
Sam Richard, Executive Director of the Arizona Dispensaries Association, talks with host Jordan Wellington about the history and ongoing evolution of Arizona's legal marijuana industry.…


Jordan Wellington & Andrew Livingston

Getting super nerdy about legal marijuana regulation, legislation, & lobbying

Hosts Jordan Wellington and Andrew Livingston bring years of experience in marijuana activism, analytics, legislation, and regulation to the table each episode as they speak with the people making legal marijuana work.